M&M Dance

M&M Dance

anguages: Arabic, English, Français and Armenian 

Abilities in dancing : 
Latin (samba, chachacha, rumba, paso-doble and jive )
Ballroom ( waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, tango and Viennese waltz)
Salsa, bachata, kizomba, Argentinian tango, greek dance … 

Dancing career info : joined khanito dance academy 2005
Latin and Ballroom dancer
Trained by professional instructors from all over the world
Compete several times in LDSF
Won many championships in Latin and Ballroom 
Strat to teach at khanito dance academy 2011
Joined the salsa bachata and kizomba style in 2011
Performed with many artists on stage in festivals
Teaching in many festivals around the world 

Advertisement : video clips, TV shows, TV advertisement ( LBC, MBC, MTV, OTV… )


Languages: Spanish, English and Basic Portuguese 

Artistic : Theater, Dance, aerial and floor acrobatics (professional career in the university )

DANCE and improvisation
• Salsa (on 1 , on2 mambo, Rumba, afro)
• Bachata 
• Kizomba
• Brazilian ( carnival and axé)
• Modern and Contemporary
• Jazz
• Ballet techniques 
• Urban rhythms (hip hop, femme style, dancehall)
• Couple Tricks
• Aerial acrobatic 
• Figure ice skating 
• Super flexible
• Floor acrobatics
• GoGo dance in shows and events
• Hostess at various shows
• Acting and improvisation